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    RynuX Song Thread | NEWEST : Muse - Uprising v2


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    RynuX Song Thread | NEWEST : Muse - Uprising v2 Empty RynuX Song Thread | NEWEST : Muse - Uprising v2

    Post by RynuX on Fri Oct 23, 2009 6:34 pm

    RynuX Song Thread | NEWEST : Muse - Uprising v2 Rxsonglist

    My HQ Songs :

      The Hives - Tick Tick Boom Exp - Hard Exp Drums NEWERMU mirror
      Black Stone Cherry - Lonely Train Exp - Hard NEW
      John 5 - Dead Art in Plainfield v0.90 Exp - Hard
      Muse - Uprising V2 Exp - Hard NEWEST
      Hayatebune - Pirates Of The Carribean Rock Theme Exp - Hard <<< version 2 projected non perfect sync
      Muse - Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist Exp - Hard
      MattRach - Canon Rock Final Exp - Hard
      Black Label Society - Stillborn Exp - Hard
      Daft Punk - Aerodynamic (v3) All
      Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah All << Video by alex-sama
      Muse - New Born (v2) Exp - Hard - Med
      Rhapsody - The Power of Dragonflameguitar : Exp - Hard bass : Exp
      Death Note - L no nakama Exp - Hard
      Paramore - Decode Exp - Hard - Med (OST Twilight)
      Paramore - Let the flames begins Exp - Hard - Med
      (i have remake the both paramore songs better (but only on Xpert/Hard), but i'll posted it on a pack which not released yet !)
      Rhapsody - Emerald Sword Exp - Hard - Med << Video by alex-sama
      Rob Zombie - Never gonna stop Exp - Hard
      Racer X - Technical Difficulties Exp - Hard
      Nirvana - Cocaine Girl Exp - Hard - Med
      John petrucci - glasgow kiss Exp - Hard <<<< i have started a second version which have only expert for the moment....
      1200 mics - acid for nothing Exp - Hard - Med (link will come)

    Songs which quality needs to be judged : I need YOU

      Rammstein - Mein Teil Exp - Hard - Med
      U2 - Vertigo Exp - Hard - Med
      Rusty Cooley - War of the Angels Exp - Hard <<< new version soon (v2)
      Symphony X - In the Dragon's Den Exp - Guitar - Bass - Lead
      Buckethead - Braingate Exp - Hard
      Buckethead - Stretching Lighthouse Exp <<< V2 soon
      Larc-en-ciel - Ready steady go All <<< maybe a v2 soon

    My Editions & Conversions :

      Guitar Hero World Tour Full Rip
      Participation to Guitar Hero 5 [TIER 3 & TIER 12.1]
      Amon Hero 1 (Hard level)
      Metallica - phantom lord puppetz hero metallica Exp - Hard - Med
      Metallica - battery puppetz hero metallica Exp - Hard - Med
      Dragonforce - The Fire still burn DLC puppetz hero 3 Exp - Hard - Med
      Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit - 4 levels puppetz hero 4
      Steve vai - audience is listening (scorehero conversion)

    My Old Songs (not really good, just qualify... sufficient songs)

      Dragonforce - Lost soul in the endless times Exp - Hard - Med <<< new version soon (v2)
      Rusty Cooley - The Butcher Exp - Hard - Med (5 color frets) <<< new version soon (v2)
      Jerry C - Canon Rock Guitar Exp - Hard - Med Rhythm Guitar Exp
      Yasushi ishii - Hagakure no Wasei All (link will MAYBE come)
      An cafe - Nyappy in the World Exp - Hard - Med (link will MAYBE come)

    My W.I.P :

    Started RynuX Song Thread | NEWEST : Muse - Uprising v2 Biggrin :

    Razlo7's Rusty cooley album (Hard level)
    Nirvana Discography << currently in break, not a discography fretted by me, just want a good discoraphy with all good songs findable
    michael angelo batio - Full Force Exp - Hard
    Canon Rock track pack Exp - hard - sometimes Medium <<< 5 versions of Canon Rock Done : 2 version HQ, started another HQ ! need tabs for gustavo guerra version's
    john 5 - black widow of la porte Exp - hard expert already done
    john 5 - welcome to the jungle (guns n'roses' cover) Exp - Hard
    i have the MIDI (by tabs) but i need to sync it with the OGG, but mine is
    in 48kHz, if anyone have this on 44.1kHz please send me !

    Rusty cooley - piece of mind (by ears =S i hope found a tabs or a HQ video with Rusty's hands !)
    buckethead - brewer in the air Exp - Hard
    Andy McKee - Rylynn (1:35 done)

    To Do RynuX Song Thread | NEWEST : Muse - Uprising v2 Huh :

    joe satrinani - up in flames MAYBE (procrastination POWWAAA)
    Dream theater - Pull me under
    Metallica - Nothing Else Matter (Orchestra)
    Muse - United States Of Eurasia Collateral Damage (2009) Exp - Hard

    RXGM 1 RinuX Guitar Master (career, not release date at the moment Smile FULL HQ CAREER - XPERT/HARD
    project to make ~100 songs (include some of my HQ songs already posted)

    Preview Video Xpert :
    Dragonforce - Reasons To Live By Jurgen
    Takeshi Inushi - L No Nakama (Death Note OST II) 100% FC by me
    Hayatebune - Pirates Of The Carribean Rock Theme
    Black Stone Cherry - Lonely Train sorry, it's copyrighted, so the audio doesn't match !
    another videos soon...

    Another Project : name (not sure) novaXire & RinuX Hero <<< [ironic]WTF very original name[/ironic]
    VERY BIG PACK (one of the biggest pack ever fretted by myself and novaXire ~120 songs)
    Project actually suspended (not my fault)


    For members who have created label i use for my songs THANKS A LOT GUYS
    to scorehero for 6~7 songs (conversion & edition : add levels, changed notes placement....),
    to ziggy for the previous version of l no nakama (i have added hard beat sync all change 30 notes *on 250 in total*)
    to puppetz for the original version of 4 songs (i have added levels, original levels are unchanged),
    to kenshihimurark for the original version of 3 songs (added levels, updated for fofix, fix some errors...),
    to monO1 for the expert level of "the butcher" v1,
    Razlo7 for the expert level on the rusty cooley album,
    Havoc82 for the based version of canon rock final,
    Challenge FoF Forum (fr) & FoF-FF to give idea for the chosen songs,
    of FoF-FF & Fans on fire for some songs i'll edit (don't worry,
    after my editing, songs are very different than the original RynuX Song Thread | NEWEST : Muse - Uprising v2 Wink )

    comments are welcomed (good or bad ^^)

    NOTE : link directing to FOF-FF will be change if they disturb staff =)

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